Tuesday, November 18, 2003

New Governor

Bobby Jindal losses to Kathleen Blanco.

I read the papers, keep up with current events, watch political debates, etc. and go to the polls. Now that the results are in, I am so disgusted! Same ole, same ole for Louisiana! We pay our taxes, yet the schools are so pitiful we have to send our kids to private schools for a decent education. Next year, the tuition bill for 5 kids (with the oldest 2 paying part of their way) will be over $20,000!!! And the state remains in the dark ages!

There's this joke..."The fellow is leaving the football stadium, where LSU just whooped Alabama, and he stops to ask for directions back to Louisiana. The guy at the gas station tells me, 'Just go ahead to the next intersection, take a right, hop on the interstate, and when you reach the Mississippi/Louisiana border turn back the clock 12 years. Then you're there!' " LOL! Sounds about right.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Be Our Guest (LM DT)

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This was my first design team assignment for Lifetime Moments!

"Felix's Journal":

This page, featuring an old WWI diary of my husband's grandfather, uses scans of its cover and first page in place of photographs. By keeping to a monochromatic color scheme, closely duplicating the color of the journal and its pages, I've lent an air of authenticity even to those accents which were not original ephemera.   Papers, cardstock, print color, fiber and even the postage stamps were chosen with this in mind.  Generous use of metallic rub-ons also helped to achieve this effect!
"Egg Hunt":
These coordinated papers from KI Memories made designing this layout a breeze.  The subtlest pattern was used as a background sheet, while two different designs within the same color group made quick and easy title and journal blocks.  The title block was created by cutting squares with my Exacto knife before matting.  Then the lettering was stamped through the openings and embossed in white.  The color scheme was enhanced by the addition of blue and white buttons along the bottom and the bunny paper piecing at the top.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Dad's Altered Book

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Last night while visiting my parents, my mom told my sisters and I that she had found some of our Girl Scout troop scrapbooks (1960s!). Digging through the albums in the bookcase we came upon a book of my Dad's...and it was an altered book! Back in his college days, he had taken an old textbook and used the pages to adhere newspaper clippings, pictures, napkins, postcards, etc. It was SO COOL! We found 1940s stuff from the Rex ball, several years worth of ticket stubs (Sugar Bowl, LSU, Tulane, etc.) and hundreds of pictures of co-eds. WTG Dad!

Friday, June 27, 2003

PLEASE (Re: dragonfly tags)

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I PIFed a few of my bleach technique dragonfly tags and don't remember all of those to whom they have gone! I used a set on a layout and just got a call from CK. :shock: Completely forgetting about all the tags I PIFed I assured her that the layout had never been posted or published SO...I'm asking everyone who has these tags to PLEASE not post any layouts with them until the piece is published (in November). Thanks for understanding! I am so excited and would hate to mess up this opportunity!

Monday, May 19, 2003

Tag Anonymous

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I can't seem to help myself...but I love tags! I'm afraid that one day in the future, they'll be passee and I'll get sick of looking at them on just about every page of my books. Does anyone else have the same problem? I try to vary colors, arrangements, etc. of my LOs, but they all seem to end up with at least one significant tag. Help!