Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kevin's Rash

Kevin, 5, was sick on Sunday...didn't eat or drink or get off the couch practically all day. So I kept him home Monday. He complained of a few itchy spots but I just assumed they were mosquito bites. That night he comes into our room complaining again, I notice several blotches,and it dawns on me that he has 5th's disease. (There I am at 3:45 googling and reading about his textbook case.) I kept him home one more day but this morning I gave him antihistamine and sent him to school with a rash and a note since Fifth's is no longer contageous once the rash appears. I'm reading that this rash could last up to 3 weeks! THREE WEEKS! I hope not!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Masked Men In City!

We took a lot of depressing pictures last weekend when we went into New Orleans. Started out uptown where my sister works taking pics of marked homes , etc. then little by little we realized that nothing was really off-limits……..loaves of bread in hand, we made our way to City Park on a mission to feed the ducks! But the ducks and geese were nowhere to be found! They probably figured out how to use those wings of theirs and headed to a better place. Anyway, after taking pictures of Chris’ school in the park, we caught sight of these two fellows:

There were actually three of them…..little babies with momma nowhere to be found. We fed them the only thing we had…bits of bread. They were being very cautious but hunger got the best of them and they devoured it all. So CUTE!