Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save Money, Live Better

Brendan got a WalMart! He had us in stitches telling us about it. It's a brand new store (opening end of June) and I can just imagine the application pool in these parts, so when they saw a well-spoken graduate of an area private school, they jumped all over him. He was interviewed by one person, who called in another person, who called in the store manager, and he was offered the job as assistant grocery department manager! He has since declined the management position, but will take another position in the store while waiting for the next NOFD recruit class.

He decided on the New Orleans fire department because they will work around school schedules. He can get an associates degree in fire science at the community college. THEN, after 3 years on NOFD, they will pay 70% of his tuition to Tulane. Then who knows...maybe fire chief! LOL!

He's the real schemer in this family. Always a plan. He joined the volunteer fire department down the street for the experience and the possibility that he could land one of the paying positions as a second job sometime in the future! His mind never stops. It wears me out trying to keep up with what he's got going!