Tuesday, November 18, 2003

New Governor

Bobby Jindal losses to Kathleen Blanco.

I read the papers, keep up with current events, watch political debates, etc. and go to the polls. Now that the results are in, I am so disgusted! Same ole, same ole for Louisiana! We pay our taxes, yet the schools are so pitiful we have to send our kids to private schools for a decent education. Next year, the tuition bill for 5 kids (with the oldest 2 paying part of their way) will be over $20,000!!! And the state remains in the dark ages!

There's this joke..."The fellow is leaving the football stadium, where LSU just whooped Alabama, and he stops to ask for directions back to Louisiana. The guy at the gas station tells me, 'Just go ahead to the next intersection, take a right, hop on the interstate, and when you reach the Mississippi/Louisiana border turn back the clock 12 years. Then you're there!' " LOL! Sounds about right.