Friday, July 10, 2009

T. D. V. F. D.

This is amazing. Seems like it was only a few years ago that we were taking two little boys to ride the fire trucks on the 4th of July...and this was one of them! Now he is going to be riding the fire truck as a district volunteer, hopefully readying for a career on the NOFD!

Every Independence Day, the 3rd District offers fire truck rides in the neighborhood, and every year the lines get longer. Thank goodness for the boy scouts who hand out complimentary snoballs to the melting masses!

Beachy Keen

Whew! It's exhausting playing at the beach and in the pool ALL DAY FOR A WEEK! LOL!

The kids went nonstop, savoring every minute of playtime, taking time out only to eat. Kevin takes a short break and dries off before lunch.

Then it's back out to play. Two of the "three musketeers" pose on the steps leading up to our porch.

Many of the kids learned to SURF and it looked like so much FUN!

Ahhh...I'm missing the place already.