Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scrapbooker's Summer Survival Guide

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Scrapbooker’s Summer Survival Guide
By: Madeline Fox, Design Team Member
“99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall!” Endless rounds of the aforementioned song would drive just about anyone nuts, so before embarking on a family road trip, most parents pick out a few well loved CDs (or DVDs) to stash in the car. Since a little preparation can make a big difference in the outcome of ANY summertime activity, family photographers, scrapbookers, and memory keepers would do well to heed this advice and do a little prep work before getting too caught up in the lazy hazy days of summer.
Remember that old scout motto, Be Prepared! Good advice if when you want to capture the season in photographs! Have that camera easily accessible and always ready to go, with fresh charged batteries, extra film and/or a clean memory card. (Kate keeps her camera and an extra memory card in the kitchen near the door, charger plugged into the wall, so that as she goes out the door she can “grab and go”, and not have to worry about dead batteries or full cards.) If you are leery about taking your good camera to the beach or on a boat, purchase a water resistant disposable, always a good choice for events like canoeing or snorkeling.
Along with the change in temperatures, summer brings a change in schedules and routines. The days are longer, the nights shorter and for many kids it’s a welcome respite from school and homework! This is a magical time for children, but while filling their summer with memorable moments, you may find that there is little time left to scrap them! You will need to set up a new schedule for your scrapping as well. If evenings that were once relegated to creating are now spent at the ballpark, try scrapping in the morning while the kids are sleeping in. Prepare a little tote bag to take with you to the beach or pool, and include idea books, magazines, notebooks and pencils. Do your planning on the go so that when you finally sit down to work, you can make the most of your time. Journal events as they occur instead of waiting until you get the photos back. It feels great to have that task done ahead of time!
While looking forward to summer activities, take a moment to look back at the milestones that have just passed. Now is the time to create that special page honoring a favorite teacher, scrap school memorabilia, and create a layout or mini-album that provides an overview of the past school year. Summarize the year while it’s still fresh in your mind! Or, for an unparalleled perspective, ask your child to take over some of the journaling duties.
With all the possibilities that summer holds, you’ll still hear it eventually…”I’m bored.” No reason for that! Give your kids their own spiral bound sketchbook and let them in on the fun! A summer journal is something that will give young ones much needed practice with scissors and writing, while affording older children the chance to work on organizing thoughts and creating something that will be a keepsake well beyond their childhood. Have them use these pages to keep track of books read, recount family stories, list favorite activities and places visited. They will enjoy including ephemera such as brochures and ticket stubs and are sure to feel quite special when you let them use some of your supplies.
While there’s no shortage of scrapbooking subjects this time of year (pool play, beach vacations, road trips, ball games and outings to the park or zoo), you may want to take a fresh approach when photographing these events and don’t forget to include everyday reminders of the season. While photographing your little one with Popsicle dripping down his chin, don’t forget a shot of the ice cream truck as it comes down the street. When at the beach or pool, get a picture of your tote bag brimming with colorful towels and sunscreen, sunglasses clipped to the side. Photograph your favorite shady spot in the yard with your tea glass sweating on the table. And don’t forget to get yourself in those pictures! Ask another parent along on an outing and take turns photographing each other’s families.
Hope you have found some of these tips to be helpful! When you’re searching for papers to scrap those memories, check through this list of summer-inspired collections in the Lifetime Moments store:
  • 7-gypsies-lots of fun florals and gorgeously colored patterns in these island-inspired papers.
  • Carolee’s Creations-a plethora of papers specifically geared towards some of our favorite seasonal subjects such as Camping, Graduation, BBQ, Summertime, and Freedom.
  • Daisy D’s sidewalk chalk collection…funky collection of beautifully patterned papers in a bright palette toned down by its scuffed-up look. And just in…the new Girlfriend’s line, awash with summer color!
  • Doodlebug-The Summer and Uncle Sam collections from their Spring 2006 release include papers and accents (buttons, jellishments, flowers, and clips) sure to mesh with your seasonal photos.
  • Flair Designs-Additions to their popular Summer fun collection include the most precious swim suit papers, bright tropical patterns of fish or flowers and a sunny towel stripe paper, rubons, tags, and scrap beads.
  • Foofala Going Places collection-beautifully colored collection of travel papers and accessories (printed twill, buttons, rub-ons, epoxy stickers and tags)
  • Paper Salon’s Cabana and Palazzo papers speak of summer fun and travel respectively.
  • Pebbles, Inc. has you covered with the most precious BBQ, Outdoors, and Zoo themed papers, stickers, market tags and their new unique magnetic clips.
  • Nunn Design Decorative Details Summertime Embellishment Kit -includes mini frames, flower brad accessories and decorative paper clips.

Mini Feature: Bazzill Shadow Box Frames
By: Nancy Thomas, Design Team Member
Home d├ęcor products have exploded in the scrapbooking industry this year, and one of our favorites is the new shadow box frame by Bazzill. These freestanding quality-made boxes have hooks inside the top which hold a plastic sleeve where you slide in your layouts for display in your home! What a fun gift for grandparents too! They come in both 8x8 and 12x12 sizes!

Design Team Examples
To view all layout ideas and products used, please be sure to visit the Design Team Gallery: Scrapbooker’s Survival Guide
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beach or Bust

We LOVE to vacation with our extended families and have been renting a succession of condos/townhouses on the beach in Florida for many years. Some years it all pulls together and we ALL can make it and it is a blast, kids running everywhere, poker games way into the night. Well, the place we had been booking was wiped out two years ago in a hurricane, so last year we didn't go anywhere...except that unplanned 3-week evacuation/vacation. Kinda good we had money set aside for that little adventure, huh?!

Fast forward to this year! We finally found a place that had 5 condos available right on the beach with a pool, on one of our favorite beaches. Everyone had their vacations set aside, my sister that lives in Jupiter is driving in. We have been looking forward to this for so long! Can't wait!

Then we get a call from the Realty office..."So sorry, but the pool (which had been toppled during the aforementioned hurricane) will not be ready." BUMMER! While it's not the end of the world for ME, my sil won't go now. She said they will only go somewhere with a pool. Guess we'll miss them!

It is nice to have a pool for those times when there's thick seaweed or jellyfish swarms, but just give me white sand, gulf breezes and a good book and I'm happy! Destin, here we come!