Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nassau, Bahamas

Paradise! In fact, our hotel was located on Paradise Island! Palm trees, white sand beaches, and the turquoise blue Caribbean. Our room looked down on one of over a dozen pools.

The view from our balcony:

The grounds were impeccably landscaped with water features holding plants and creatures (sharks, stingrays, etc.)! The water lilies were gorgeous:

We toured the city area and I saw it all through the lens of my camera and the tinted window of a bouncing bus. It appears that there are no speed limits, simply " suggestions"! Any photos captured are considered lagniappe!

Conch fritters and conch salad are two of the island's regional specialties. See the shells on the table behind this vendor? They give us the main ingredient for those dishes. :)

A church with attached grave yard:

The original church building of St. Francis Cathedral...I think?

I spotted this derelict building on the way in from the airport and had to seek it out to photograph. Love all the tropical color and, of course, the character of its worn exterior.

Just a shuttered window on a cement building...

I'm going to miss this place!