Thursday, June 23, 2005

Restaurant Funnies

The infamous Cracker Barrel Incident occurred about 10 years ago, when Brendan was 3. We were on our way back from a company Christmas party in Nashville and had stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Seated at a long table against the window, we were pouring over the menus when we notice B-boy standing up in his chair, pulling down his pants, underwear included! Well, you know how things begin to move in slow motion at times like these? An eternity later, we had him seated with all clothes in place, and asked him what in the world he thought he was doing. "I farted and was just checking my pants," he said nonchalantly. Tears mixing with food, we giggled and choked our way through the entire meal!

Another day, we were taking the family out of eat...again. At the TGIFriday's in Memphis, there was a gold colored bowl attached to the wall just inside the door. Filled with sand, it was a signal for smokers to extinguish their cigarettes before entering the seating area. Well, Brendan reaches right up, dips his fingers in the bowl, and makes the sign of the cross. He thought it was a holy water font! LOL! Meanwhile the hostess informs us of the very long wait, so we were able to leave and continue our laughing in the car.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Counting the Days

The kids have been out of school for over 3 weeks now and I am missing it immensely! The kids are home all day, dirtying dishes, clothes, the house, and fighting me and each other for the computer! Is it August yet???????