Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Action

Yeah! I figured out how to add and execute "actions" in Photoshop Elements and promptly gave this contemporary photo of Destrehan Plantation a vintage postcard look.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I couldn't resist creating an Obamicon with this photo of Kevin. His exasperated expression is too funny. The teenage years are going to be soooo much fun...NOT!

[DISCLAIMER: This image is in no way a statement of my political views, or my son's, one way or the other!]

You can create your very own 4-color poster in the style of Shepard Fairey by going to Upload a photo, choose a message, and be "Obamiconed"!

River Road Ramble

Today, I had to drive down River Road to pick up Chris' retainer from the ortho's Destrehan office. Since we weren't rushed on the ride home, I let Chris drive while I snapped photos through the windshield of the van. These three distinct pieces of architecture were my favorites:

Tourist destination, Destrehan Plantation, is surrounded by moss-draped oaks.

In contrast, a rundown and rusted tin-roofed shack sits alone in a field.

And finally, the old Kenner High School, has a certain charm of its own.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 on 12

12 photos from the 12th day of January.

A batch of pancakes ready for the freezer.

My current scrapbook project.

Sign in front of the bakery known in New Orleans for their delicious doberge cakes.

A landmark when I was a child, this particular water tower was painted in red and white checks. Couldn't miss it!

Signs of the current cause in Jefferson Parish.

The view from my kitchen window...a street corner, the foreclosed house on the next block, and wispy branches from the naked Cypress trees.

Grafitti, becoming more prevalent in the area. Where's the grey ghost when you need him?

What a deal! I'm thinking ROAD TRIP!

The neverending contruction of the performing arts center near Zephyr's stadium. I could have taken this photo each month of last year and nothing would have changed.

Kevin's current "projects" game boxes, Spongebob Legos, and a "clubhouse" sign.

Pouring over photos from last year.

Brendan's stuff. The boy has a penchant for plaid and has become renowned for it among his friends. Even his wallet sports a sort of plaid patchwork design!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Decaying Beauty

I have a fascination with old. I see beauty in things well-worn. During a rushed 25 minutes at the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, St. Louis #1, I snapped more than 60 photos as my sisters, mother, nieces and I RAN between the tombs, trying to take it all in before they locked the gates for the day. We had arrived 5 minutes before closing and weren't even sure they'd let us inside. A very kind maintenance man not only allowed us to enter, but he took us on a 20 minute tour, repeating the tour guide spiels that he'd heard throughout his days sweeping the walk. The xxx-marked tomb of Marie Laveau was our first stop with Mayor "Dutch" Morial's burial place right next door! We observed open vaults and crumbling graves, headless statues and intricate wrought iron fences. It was the highlight of my day! A few of my favorite photos:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tea at the Ritz

During the week between Christmas and the New Year, my sisters and I got together for a couple of outings while the youngest of our clan was in town with her daughter. Sipping tea at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown New Orleans seemed like a stretch for this blue-jeans and T-shirt wearing gal who would rather gulp down a diet Barq's. But it turned out to be a fun and interesting afternoon. My niece posed outside the life-sized gingerbread house:

It's Been A While!

While I haven't been faithful to this blog, I am hoping that the New Year will find me keeping up with my Photoblog, Fox Photos! Taking a photo a day will allow me to document both the extraordinary and mundane of our lives, and work on photography skills as well.