Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 on 12

12 photos from the 12th day of January.

A batch of pancakes ready for the freezer.

My current scrapbook project.

Sign in front of the bakery known in New Orleans for their delicious doberge cakes.

A landmark when I was a child, this particular water tower was painted in red and white checks. Couldn't miss it!

Signs of the current cause in Jefferson Parish.

The view from my kitchen window...a street corner, the foreclosed house on the next block, and wispy branches from the naked Cypress trees.

Grafitti, becoming more prevalent in the area. Where's the grey ghost when you need him?

What a deal! I'm thinking ROAD TRIP!

The neverending contruction of the performing arts center near Zephyr's stadium. I could have taken this photo each month of last year and nothing would have changed.

Kevin's current "projects"...video game boxes, Spongebob Legos, and a "clubhouse" sign.

Pouring over photos from last year.

Brendan's stuff. The boy has a penchant for plaid and has become renowned for it among his friends. Even his wallet sports a sort of plaid patchwork design!


Petunia said...

Great pics!
Do you make pancakes and then freeze them? I didn't know you could do that!
I usually just make the kind from the box mix.

Madeline said...

Yep...I make Bisquick pancakes (with chocolate chips) and stack them with wax paper between each one. Five fit nicely in each freezer bag. To warm, microwave one for 35 seconds. I'm not about to mix them up daily! Of course fresh tastes best and when right from the pan, Kevin eats two. Rewarmed...one.

KathyL said...

How fun to see all these pictures. I've thought of doing this before too but never did. I'm already behind on my 365 photos.

Susan Stringfellow said...

oh I just cant wait to see more and I love that I sort of see your day thru these 12 on one day. I cant wait to see more. LOVE that cake sign. I have always wanted to have a GOOD bakery for cakes, but after looking at your photo, I am kind of glad I don't. It looks far too easy to get cake where you live.

Angie said...

Very cool photos! Even seeing the sign for the bakery made me hungry -- that's just wrong. LOL

A said...

Funny seeing your water tower picture today. Just last night I was enjoying reading the wall of a facebook group called "I grew up in New Orleans during the 1970s, did you? What do you remember??" It was lots of fun, kind of weird too, that so many people I don't know had such similar memories. At some point all of my most nostalgic memories had been logged EXCEPT for the red and white checked water tower so I joined the group and added it.

Petunia said...

I love all of the comments on the Gambino's sign! If I lived there I would eat Gambino's Blackout cake every day.