Thursday, February 10, 2005

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February 10, 2005
Envelopes & Pockets
by Madeline Fox
If you have ever done the laundry of a typical toddler boy you know better than to simply throw the clothes into the washing machine without first checking all of the pockets!  Rocks and crayons, coins and other priceless treasures, even the occasional creature are all capable of finding their way into little boy pockets.  There are many surprises to be discovered when going through the pockets of a child on washday!  This mystery and intrigue also applies to pockets on a scrapbook page. 
 With pockets and envelopes (basically pockets with a flap), scrapbook pages can become interactive and fun, with an added element of surprise!  These page additions can hold tags, mini books, or extra pictures when photos are plentiful.  They are great for tucking in a little extra journaling, and freeing up room on the page for other photos or embellishments.  With more personal writings, an envelope or pocket can hold your thoughts in private while allowing others to view the page.  Perhaps you’ve written a love letter to your child, spouse, or special someone. You could even seal the envelope so that your heartfelt journaling remains undisturbed to be read sometime in the future!
What else can go in pockets and envelopes?  Vacation souvenirs such as maps and brochures, menus and ticket stubs can be stored with easy access for viewing.  Special keepsakes, such as baby’s hospital bracelet, a lock of hair, or other memento can be tucked away for safekeeping.  All sorts of ephemera find a handy home on your pages.  Cardmakers will also find perfectly sized envelopes to compliment their handcrafted cards and invitations.
Even with all of these uses, I find myself adding pockets and envelopes more for artistic reasons than anything else.  While most people value envelopes and pockets for their ability to hold things, I seem to value them more for what goes on the outside.  They become a coordinating backdrop for other page elements, set off photos and add interest to a layout design.  Just like tags, envelopes and pockets allow you to create on a small scale…as with a mini-canvas.  Decorate with patterned papers, paint, ink, stickers, ribbons, rub-ons and more for a personalized page accent, which may or may not double as a holder of sorts.  For the page I did for my son’s Homecoming Dance, the policy envelope is a major part of the page design, helping to anchor the accent elements, bring out the colors in the photos, all the while holding extra photos and journaling about the event.
Envelopes and Pockets at Lifetime Moments
Bazzill has come up with a comprehensive selection of envelopes and pockets in 13 of their scrumptious cardstock colors.  A2 and square envelopes are the perfect compliment for homemade cards, 5 3/4" x 4 3/16" and 5 7/8" x 5 7/8 respectively, with lick and seal closures.  At the opposite ends of the spectrum are the tiny coin envelopes, measuring 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" with lick and seal closures, and the large policy envelopes, 4 1/6" x 9 1/4", with string tie closure.  And don’t forget their library pockets.  They’re not just for library cards anymore!  
Kopp Designs has taken the traditional library pocket and given it an updated look!  Kopp pockets are available with cutouts and windows in two sizes and six colors.  I used one of the large cranberry-colored Kopp pockets with a window to make a unique valentine for my husband.  The opening was perfect for showcasing a vintage postcard image.  The front of the pocket was then distressed with ink, layered with torn paper and accented with ribbons and letter charms.  A simple tag was cut from a coordinating shade of cardstock to hold my sentiments.  Since everything is acid-free this pocket card can be added to a scrapbook page at a later date!
Lil Davis Stationary Collection also has button and string envelopes in a great 4” x 5” size and slash pockets that measure 2” x 3”.  Use the pockets when you want a little peek at what’s enclosed, such as with a tag or additional photo, and the envelope when you want something hidden or kept from view.
With pockets and envelopes, it’s easy to add a little mystery and intrigue to your pages.  And everyone will love all the little surprises to be discovered…the priceless treasures of your world!