Friday, December 2, 2005

Great Stories Of Humanity

* In the Kireka slum outside Kampala, Uganda, hundreds of women earn about $1.20 per day pounding rocks by hand into walnut-sized pebbles for sale as construction material. Hearing of Katrina, 200 of them began a drive to raise money for the hurricane victims. They raised $900, and were so overjoyed at being able to make this gift that they held a celebration, complete with dancing. Their story is in today's Times-Picayune.
* In a similar vein, this story was reported here about 3½ weeks ago: St. Lawrence Church in the Watts section of Los Angeles took up a collection for Katrina's victims. The normal parish collection is $6,000; the special collection raised $7,000. But most touching was the gift of one woman. On the special-collection envelope, she wrote, ""Para las victimas del huracan, no traia dinero pero esto debe de tener algun valor. Es de todo corazon." ("For the victims of the hurricane. I did not bring any money. But this should be of some value. It is with all of my heart.") Inside the envelope, she placed her gold wedding ring.

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