Thursday, February 23, 2006

Product Feature: Scrapping Doodles
By Beshka Kueser, Design Team Member
It is time to get in touch with your inner child, lay down those embellishments and pull out those pens. What am I going on about? Why doodling of course! Doodling is a great way to add an individual touch to a layout. A doodle is a imperfect rendering of the mind at play and always as individual as its’ creator. Doodling is a hot trend that is both fun to create on your own, or try out with doodle inspired lines.
Doodling can be as simple as creating imperfect circles on cardstock as a background, or doodle around a picture creating a one of a kind frame. You can doodle some flowers and cut them out as embellishments that no one else is likely to have. If you are a seasoned doodler, then it is possible to create more elaborate creations to add to your layouts. The best thing about doodling is that it is an imperfect art form. A doodle isn’t meant to be the perfect rendition of anything. A doodle is very much a freehand art form, a way to free yourself from trying to always get it perfect. What I mean is that a doodle is meant to be imperfect. Now here is a trend I can get on board with as a master of imperfection! J Doodling is about fun and putting a little more of yourself onto the page. And doodling is probably not as foreign to you as you might think. Perhaps you already do it…maybe while on the phone, or when you were in college you did it in the margin of your notes. Whatever the case may be, it seems to be showing up everywhere in scrapbooking.
Where do you begin? You will need some basic tools and because doodling is not an exact science, the tools needed are simple and inexpensive. All you need is some imagination, some paper, and a good pen. There are many choices as far as pens go, and preference may be as individual as the doodle. I can’t tell you which pen you will like best, but I am prepared to make some recommendations! A favorite choice is American Crafts Pens. For my own creations I use the Black Pigment Pro. The Pigment Pro .01 produces a fine line and is excellent for writing, but also for detailed doodles. This pen is 100% archival safe and acid free. Another pen I have become fond of is the Zig Ball 5mm, which writes very smoothly and is another excellent choice for both journaling and doodling. Just in at Lifetime Moments is Memory Markersfrom American Crafts. A smooth marker that comes in almost two dozen yummy colors and is sure to add some colorful doodle flair to your pages. These markers are double tipped with a fine and medium point. There is also the American Crafts Slick Writers and their name says a lot! These pens are designed to write on slick surfaces such as vellum or transparencies.
Now that you know what tools you will need you are ready to begin adding doodles to your pages! Feeling a little hesitant about creating your own doodles? Worried about messing up a layout? I cannot reiterate enough that you could not possibly mess up when it comes to doodling. However, if you are wanting to try out this latest trend, but still questioning your skills, LM has doodle inspired lines of paper and embellishments to help you get your doodle on. Rhonna Farrer along with Autumn Leaves has brought us a fantastically fun and doodle inspired line called Graffiti. This line boasts some doodle inspired papers along with coordinating epoxy shapes and tags, ribbons, and rub-ons. Love Rhonna’s doodle look? Be on the lookout for her amazingly fun new doodle inspired stamps from Autumn Leaves.
Junkitz delivered us a doodle inspired burst of laughter with their Flowerful and Delightful lines by Janna Wilson. These lines are sure to inspire with their bright colors and whimsical design. Have a sweet tooth? Then check out the doodle inspired Shabby Chic line by Teresa Collins. This line brings us sweet colors with doodled flowers, polka dots, and stripes. This line is softer in its’ coloring, offering a sweeter side to the bolder lines. These lines are a terrific alternative for those who want a doodle look, but without the risk.
Doodles can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. Try out some freehand circles or flowers, add them directly to your page or cut them out as your own one of a kind embellishment. Doodle a border around your layouts or better yet, doodle a border directly onto a photo. Of course, if you feel doodle-challenged then try out one of those aforementioned doodle inspired lines. Whichever way you decide to go, it is worth a try. Doodling is fun and adds a great deal of individual personality to a layout or project.

Design Team Examples
To view all layout ideas and products used, please be sure to visit the Design Team Gallery: Scrapping Doodles. Don’t miss the fabulous work of our talented Guest Designer – Toni/FoxyCropper. We admired her work in our gallery and when planning for the doodling feature, we just knew we had to invite her to work with us! Thanks Toni! We hope these awesome examples will inspire more doodling at LM!
Beshka Sonya
Franny   Madeline
Wendy        Vickie
 Nancy  Toni/FoxyCropper (Guest Designer)   

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