Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here We Go Again

I kept hoping that we wouldn't have to go! But it's starting to get scary. The interstates have been bumper to bumper since dawn and contraflow doesn't start until 4 AM tomorrow! I finally started packing my scrapbooks and photos. Yesterday was spent on laundry and packing clothes. Since our hotel reservations are not until Monday, we are going to have to sit and wait...nervously. (Maybe I can get some scrapping done!? While watching the weather channel! LOL!) We plan on leaving pre-dawn on Monday. Hopefully will be back after just a couple of nights. Crossing fingers!


Tommy is insisting that we can't wait until Monday morning to leave, but our hotel reservations aren't until Monday night in Jackson, MS. So we are going to leave tomorrow and drive to Memphis where his area manager lives. He offered to house us. We will stay overnight, and then drive BACK DOWN to Jackson. We will probably be in the car all day tomorrow, get a few hours sleep and take off again. UGH!

But it is getting scary. Around mid afternoon, all the stores had closed. Groceries, drug stores, McDonald's, BLOCKBUSTER (just when I could have used a good movie/distraction! LOL!), etc. Gas stations were running out of gas.TV coverage has been non-stop and the mayors and parish presidents are scaring everyone. Guess that's exactly what they are trying to get the people to leave. We boarded up the windows, took in the porch chairs, etc. There is mandatory evacuation in many of the parishes, including New Orleans and the part of Jefferson on the other side of the river. So far we only have voluntary evacuation. In other words, it's strongly suggested.

So we're going on another adventure...and hope it's a short one.

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