Thursday, December 11, 2008


Seriously! Who would have thought? It's so cool! I had a lot of fun driving Kevin to school. We were ooohhhing and aaahhhing the whole way. "Ooohhh, look at this yard! Aaahhh, look at that roof!" People were stepping out onto their lawns in bathrobes with cameras in hand. I'd see flashes of light reminiscent of one of those traffic cameras (Hey, I KNOW I didn't run that red light!) and then realize that it's only some guy snapping a picture of his house from the neutral ground! And they said it probably wouldn't stick. Well, guess what?! It did.

I took pictures and finally had to do a snowman. Cute little fellow!


Paula Barin said...

Great pictures!

PATTY said...

I stumbled upon your blog on Stampin When I can. I enjoyed looking at your blog. It reminded me of quite a few things that happened in my life. I too live in Louisiana at the bottom of the boot. I live on the Westbank. I belong to a group of scrapbookers that call themselves "Scrappin Packin Mommas". you can view my blog at

manicstamper said...

Visited your blog via Stampin' When I Can.
Love your snow pics. You take fab photos.
Checked out your music player as Coldplay came on when when I clicked in.......can't believe we have such similar tastes in music. Rem, Coldplay, Seal, U2...great playlist.....and I love that song by The Killers.