Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lombardi Gras

After the trophy and team were honored by the city with their own parade on Dat! Tuesday, the Tuesday before FAT Tuesday, the moniker Lombardi Gras took over! Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees paraded as King of Bacchus. Coach Sean Payton joined the celebrity monarchs of Orpheus. Krewes everywhere paid homage to the Super Bowl champions and the new unofficial Saints anthem could be heard booming its bass up and down the parade routes. "Stand up and get crunk!" Mardi Gras was shaping up to be Saintsational! Like so many others, we donned our jerseys on Mardi Gras day, wearing them in place of costumes.

Those who did dress up in other attire often had a decidedly Saintly theme. Pigs Fly were one of the cutest groups inspired by these surreal happenings.

The Lombardi Gras "football heads" were another.

Think if I put Kevin's name on the season ticket list that maybe his kids or grandkids might benefit.

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