Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing Tourist in New Orleans

When a scrapping friend from Idaho accompanied her husband on a trip to New Orleans, we planned a day of sightseeing. While her husband and coworker attended the convention which brought them to town, she and a friend joined me for an abbreviated tour of the city . I love playing tourist in New Orleans. We took photos in the city's oldest cemetery, lunched at a yummy restaurant, walked around the French Quarter, and checked out a creepy Voodoo shop on Bourbon Street. We ended the day with fresh-made pralines. It's fun to do the tourist thing every once in a while. The photo on the page is of a quirky little street band called The Royal Street Gum Scrapers. Ew...what a name!

This, my third page created with the Nostalgic Summer kit from Scraptastic began with an off-white sheet of cardstock, leftover from a previous kit. The plain background left me plenty of room to layer color upon color, pattern upon pattern.

I used my die-cutting machine to cut a fleur-de-lis and file folder for my page. The rounded corner design of the folder inspired me to use my corner rounder punch on the papers layered beneath the photo as well. I'm thinking I might use the folder for some of my extra photos from our day walking through the French Quarter.

Everything is from Scraptastic's Nostalgic Summer kit except a flower, ticket, buttons and letter stickers.

Showing off my hometown to out-of-town friends helps me to appreciate the unique culture and beautiful architecture of a place I so often take for granted. Have you played tourist in YOUR hometown lately? I highly recommend it.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love all the layers! so much to look at -- great job

Susan Stringfellow said...

Great design, Madeline. I love all those blocks in the upper left and I especially love the addition of the fleur de lis.

Maggie Lamarre said...

Ooh I luv it. I need to get your number for next time in new Orleans :)

Maggie Lamarre said...

Ooh I luv it. I need to get your number for next time in new Orleans :)

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your New Orleans layout. Thanks for sharing!

soapHOUSEmama said...

this is great! I am so in love with that file folder action!

Nancy Thomas said...

What a gorgeous l/o Madeline - you are the master at the details. One of these days when I talk Don into coming back to N.O. I definitely want you to be my tourist guide too!