Sunday, August 5, 2012

Give It A Whirl!

When creating scrapbook layouts, are you ever stumped for a title? I am...quite often. Sometimes I just end up restating the obvious. Other times I take a clue or a phrase from a sticker set, journaling block or other scrappy embellishment. They often have good ideas just waiting to be borrowed. And then there are those times that I am completely lost. The photos on this page (Kevin riding a spinning contraption at a local amusement park) had me completely stumped. Then I found a website called The Perfect Title. A menu on the left side of the main page lists oodles of categories with each opening up onto a list of titles and quotes appropriate for the chosen theme. That is where I found my title for this page:

Everything on the page is from Scraptastic's August kit, The Story Begins. The wonderful colors of Echo Park's Everyday Eclectic papers seem to be taken right from the design on front of the "Scrambler" car. 

To embellish this page I made my own repeating diamond cut file and used it to create a border near the top and bottom of the white cardstock. The negative spaces were backed with strips of patterned paper, creating a pretty striped design in each of the diamond shapes. First, the colorful strips were cut and adhered to a larger piece of cardstock. Then the two strips were placed behind the main page, with the top cardstock layer popped up a bit for a more dimensional look. Pop dots were placed at the top and bottom of each diamond. Additional dots were cut in half to fit between the diamonds, keeping that top layer suspended.

Have a great day, and the next time you are stumped for a title, remember to check out the ideas posted on  The Perfect Title


soapHOUSEmama said...

Gorgeous! Love those cut outs!

Sue Althouse said...

What a great resource! Titles can be tricky. Love your diamonds! So clever and colorful.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I LOVE your layout!
So fun!!
And thanks for sharing that site because titles are really hard for me sometimes.
Yours is so cute :)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Awesome page! I love the diamond cut outs. Thank you for the link. It's always great to have title inspiration. :)

Kelly Shults said...

The diamond pop-up border is awesome! Love this idea and love your title too! I have the same problem coming up with titles, sometimes. :)