Monday, May 26, 2014

Looking Back...

Now that school has been out for three whole days, let's take a look at why this summer break is particularly welcome and a much needed reprieve.

The layout is titled Homework After Hours. I used Boy's Rule from Crate Paper, along with goodies from several other collections. Although they photographed dark, the gold stars from Studio Calico are shiny, shiny, shiny, and so very pretty!

There were quite a few nights like this! It's not that he doesn't budget his time; sometimes there's just so much. Sometimes he is up after midnight.

On this particular night, everything else was done and Kevin was completing a science lab on potential/kinetic energy. Using a really cool interactive program, Energy Skate Park, he was manipulating the path, adding a loop, adjusting gravity, friction, etc. for a virtual skateboarder, recording the results, and completing a worksheet. Fun stuff...if it wasn't homework!

I am beyond thrilled that we are getting this 2 1/2 month break. Yes, WE. When it comes to school and homework, the misery is shared. Happy summer!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I hear you on the shared misery when it comes to homework. It can be so frustrating! Enjoy your summer break. We have a couple of weeks left to go. Love your page and how you framed the photo, along with all of the other details. The pencil is a great touch too!

Fawn said...

Wow! That chart is amazing...I don't miss the days of homework assignments and last-minute projects but I do miss the look of accomplishment when it was successfully completed.

Enjoy these days!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Great page!
And ITA with you!
I am also looking forward to the break along with my kids :)

Tanya Ham said...

LOL, I am so glad I don't have kids ... I would never be able to help them with their homework! Love your layout, especially your title! :) Happy Summer Break to you!!!