Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lake Loot!

Through out the year, on the drive in to school, Kevin and I would listen to the North Shore (across the lake from New Orleans) radio station, Lake 94.7. Weekday mornings they have a fun thing going, called Lake Loot. The DJ finds some random fact or bit of information, poses a question to the listeners, takes calls, and rewards the person with the first correct response. Sometimes Kevin and I will try to call in and guess! Sometimes we are wrong. Here's what happened recently...

The question was this: "A study has shown that 50% of Americans cannot pass this test. What test is it?"
I called in and guessed a citizenship test. Actually, I've heard that MORE than 50% would not pass the citizenship test (unless they studied for it)!

I was wrong. Bummer. Other callers incorrectly guessed driver's license eye exam, cholesterol test, etc. So I thought some more. Hmmmm...what about the test for obtaining a GED (General Educational Development) or high school equivalency exam? "Gotta be it," I thought.

I got through again, but while the phone was ringing, the DJ had just announced one tiny clue, stating it was "more a seasonal test", so at the last minute I changed my answer!

Tentatively I asked..."some sort of swimming proficiency test????"

Ding! Ding! Ding! I was right!

The DJ found it a funny coincidence that I happened to be dropping my son off at swim practice when I came up with this answer.

Kevin was wishing for free passes to Blue Bayou Waterpark, but free drinks and food at the Times Bar & Grill is not too shabby a prize. Except we live on the other side of the lake. Can you say Roadtrip?! :)


TL Marzewski said...

So funny!!! Enjoy the prize!

Leslie Webster said...

That is funny and glad you guessed right, I would never have thought a swim test.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

So glad you kept trying. Congrats!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Oh how fun!
Congratulations! :)