Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I *heart* Swimming (and why a swimming mile isn't a mile)!

Kevin swims...a lot. Back and forth, back and forth. Laps for practice. Laps during warm ups. Laps at swim meets. 

A few weeks ago he completed the longest distance event he's ever entered, the 1650 freestyle. And he's going to do it again this weekend! In case you're not familiar, 1650 refers to the number of yards swum. 1650 yards is equal to 66 laps in a 50 yard pool. In the swim world, the 1650 is sometimes called the "mile", although a true mile is 1760 yards. (For the full scoop on this distance discrepancy, read Swim-Swam's "How Many Yards In a Swim Mile?")

Regardless, 1650 yards, 66 laps, is a LOT of swimming. Going that distance at a good pace, during a race, is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations Kevin!

The page below takes a favorite cut file and pairs it with a favorite photo of him swimming. Back and forth. Back and forth. ;)

The Any Which Way from The Cut Shoppe, had me pulling out ALL of my blue and aqua scraps:

Add a shiny title, matted photo, and swim-related brads; this page is done! Aren't those arrows perfect?! Back and forth, back and forth. ;)

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