Friday, May 27, 2016

Ice Cold Snowballs

For about 8 months now, this place with the bright orange paint has been taunting us, windows closed, umbrellas packed away. But when the flags started flying and the menu board was placed outside, it was time. Kevin and Julie got their first snowballs last week, but I recently scrapped a couple of pictures from last summer. The layout was shared on The Cut Shoppe blog:

I used the Abstract Angles cut file from The Cut Shoppe Etsy store to create my fun and colorful background:

There were two great photos that I wanted to include on the page. To fit them both, and not cover up too much of the cool background, I cropped and mounted one on a tag, placing it strategically over an empty spot in the larger photo:

I'm still addicted to banners, so of course I had to make one to mimic the one draped on front of the stand:

Cardstock letter stickers spell out the title:

I can't wait to try out this cut file again: monochromatic with shades of the same color or with a riotous mix of color, with all the openings filled in or with only some of them backed by patterned paper. There are so many options, I'll have a hard time deciding...kinda like choosing a snowball flavor! ;)

1 comment:

Melissa Smith said...

What a fun, colorful layout! I really like how the flag anchors it all. Love all the patterns. Really terrific!