Thursday, February 9, 2017

Summer Swimming

Taken with my (very old) phone, this photo isn't the best, but these are a few of Kevin's pals from summer swimming. Yes, everyone here is also on his year-round USS team, but swimming in the more laid back country club meets is a favorite activity every summer. Here, the kids are celebrating the summer's end with a party where they received their Meet of Champs awards. 

The heart embellishment on the page was created many moons ago with a Scraptastic kit. Dozens of colorful phrase stickers were chopped up and arranged on cardstock before cutting out the heart. Yep, these kids are always happy together, working at the sport they love.

While I was sorting through my photos, I came across one from Kevin's second season of summer swimming, and scrapped it with Echo Park's Summer Party:

It was meant to be a quick page, but then I decided to cut around those flip-flops at the bottom! =O

Towel...check. (SO glad that we get towel service thanks to Julie's employee membership.)

Cap...check. (He ONLY wears a cap for meets. Even then, he avoids covering his ears!)

Goggles with bungee strap...check. (Oh yes. That first season of swimming, he lost his goggles more than once. Now they are secure with a bungee strap AND he wears them UNDER his cap for extra security.)

Flip-flops...always! (Always in them, unless he's in the water. ;)  )

Just a few more months until another season of summer swimming begins! 

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