Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Going Home

Guess what we may be doing TOMORROW! We may go HOME! A friend went and checked our house and we have electricity now. Still under a boil water order and not sure about the sewerage facilities, but my dh and the kids decided that they want to go back anyway. The authorities have not said that we "can" go back but they are also not stopping anyone who does. While I was out looking for a laundromat this morning, the rest of the family decided this and is ready to "vote me off the island" if I don't agree. So...I think we're going to do it. I'm so tired of the wandering! The house we "were" going to rent here is not quite ready yet. GRRRR! This hotel thing is getting very old, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I can't wait to COOK a meal! Some of the groceries near our home are opening and although they still mostly have only canned goods, they will be getting fresh and frozen stuff in soon. Even tuna fish and crackers sounds good if I can eat it at my own table!

The authorities are inviting businesses back but are not saying anything to the homeowners and everyone is getting quite ticked to say the least. We're going to test the waters and try to get back in. I'm anxious to get back and tarp the roof and chimney. Good thing we haven't had any rain lately, because I don't know if we would get water damage from the missing shingles and sheared off chimney top. Then there's that tree leaning precariously against the house. I want to get moving on repairs! So that's the plan for now. Bye-bye Atlanta!

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