Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Off We Go!

We are heading out tomorrow for Atlanta. It will be easier to find housing there, and I can get the kids back in school and into some kind of routine. We're going to take it day by day.

Went to our house. Not bad at all! Our chimney top is in a neighbor's driveway, and the largest oak in our yard split and came crashing down, partly on the house...but miraculously did not appear to do any serious damage! The fence and our patio cover is history, and we'll need a new roof, but that's it! Everything just looks so weird! My mil didn't even recognize our street. then there's all those army guys with their AK47s! And choppers flying overhead every minute or two. Very eerie!

Of course, the city proper is a mess. Since Brendan and Christopher went to school in New Orleans I'm sure some of their friends and schoolmates lost their homes. It just gets worse from there, and I can't even think about what lies ahead for the city.

So off we go to Atlanta, praying to be back soon to a place that will be forever changed, but hopefully better and stronger than ever.

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