Monday, May 28, 2007


I was quite stunned when The Times-Picayune, our New Orleans newspaper, called me a few days ago saying they were going to publish my letter to the editor. I had written previously about various issues for which I advocate and, quite frankly, considered it a lesson in futility. Hurricane recovery continues to be the hot topic while global issues are relegated to the back pages if it all. Happily, my letter made it into yesterday's newspaper:

Letters to the Editor

As a matter of reference, when my dh showed the article to my mil, she knew nothing about the Darfur region of Sudan...where it was or what was going on there. Nothing. Never heard of it.

(Title was NOT my idea. They read a little more into my letter than they should have.)

***UPDATE***On May 30, the White House announced that they were finally going to implement "Plan B" sanctions against Sudan! Think the Pres saw my letter?! Haha! A better outcome for the people of the Darfur region will require a UN resolution and international sanctions, but at least this is a start.***

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