Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jazz Fest Experience

I don't know if you've kept up with the weather in the gulf states this last day or two, but let me tell was something else!!! Terrible thunderstorms, inches of rain, street flooding, etc! The PITS! And Friday was the day I had planned to attend Jazz Fest with three of my sisters.

We sat around most of the morning waiting for the weather to clear...somewhat. Or at least until there weren't those menacing red bands, numerous lightening strikes and areas of rotation! Finally, we changed our plans and went to lunch instead, through floodwaters actually, to a fabulous restaurant in the burbs...Dragos! Char-broiled oysters, fried ravioli with crawfish sauce and seafood pasta! YUM!

But still...I was so depressed thinking about missing Better Than Ezra AND Counting Crows. I mean, how often are two of your favorite bands playing at the same place, same stage, same day??? So...I go to pick up my middle son from school at 4:00 (after serving a detention for having his hair too long...when you pull it around the ear!) While I'm waiting for him, I have this brilliant idea...!!! Why don't we go RIGHT NOW! He gets in the car and I ask him! "Let's Go!" he says! Of course, Tommy thinks I'm crazy, but he looks at the radar for me and it looks safe. Our luck has started to change! And even better, we found free parking! THEN as we were walking up to the gate a man getting into his car asked if we needed tickets. $10 he said! I knew they weren't tearing tickets (just scanning them) and it could be a scam with already used tickets, but he showed me his school ID (St. Augustine teacher) and Driver's License and promised me they were legit. I gave him $20! If they weren't good, I knew his name and where he worked...a respectable Catholic high school! Well, we got in! And saved $70 by trusting that guy!!! Hee-hee!

Anyway...we picked our way through the crowds, got as close as possible and caught most of BTE. Then came Adam Duritz and gang! Counting Crows were awesome!!! He didn't take a break! Sang his heart out! So, the dreariest, wettest day in months turned out pretty darned good! Amen!!! I was happy!

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