Friday, November 14, 2008

Meant to be mine?

We're badly in need of new furniture in the family room. We've been shopping...but I can't ever find anything that I like or else I'm intimidated by the choices! Last memorial Day we went out to several furniture stores. I even took home sample fabrics. But I wasn't sure what I wanted. Nothing jumped out at me. Until this past weekend. Shuffling through the ads and pricing TVs, I came across this sofa and wow...I fell in love with it! The perfect style. Neutral fabric with nicely patterned pillows. It fit me well.

And then I read the ad!

Is it fate? Should I go and purchase it NOW...and cover it in plastic until the boys move on that hysterically funny Everybody Loves Raymond episode!? Tee-hee! Well, at least I know what I like now. And maybe when I go shopping again, I can bring this photo along to show the salespersons.


Susan Stringfellow said...

Yes! Ok I can't believe your pick just happens to be called Madeline! LOL! I think its beautiful and when you find something you love, you wont be happy with anything else. Talk to them about it. My boys get that the new house and new furniture has new rules and they like new stuff so they have been good.

Petunia said...

BUY IT NOW!!! It was meant to be!
hee hee, seriously it has lovely lines and that is a reasonable price for a nice sofa!