Thursday, November 27, 2008

Audubon Zoo



and BEARS!


Since Children's Hospital is literally next door to the Audubon Zoo, we decided on a visit after Kevin's OT appt. on Wednesday. The sunny and mild weather meant the animals were out and about, and ready for their pictures! I could watch the monkeys, especially orangutans and gorillas, all day. They are so fascinating. One big boy reached his arms up into a bush and pulled off a branch of bright red berries for munching. He immediately turned away as if to protect his cache from hungry onlookers.

Hopping here and there from branch to branch, stopping only to take a bite, these little guys were some of the most active at the zoo! Some of the trees in their exhibit were showing the colors of autumn. It was a striking scene with leaves and fur of orange against the bright blue sky.

And one final animal...homo sapien. This particular specimen wanted more than anything to climb on the big old oak trees in the park. We found the perfect one on our way to the sea lion pool (his favorite exhibit). He scurried up the big branch that swooped near the ground and posed for several photos along the way. But THEN...about 6-8 feet up, he realized that getting back down wasn't going to be as easy! Ooops! A little coaxing and he backed down far enough for me to catch him. :)


Petunia said...

Those are some great pictures of the animals, and of Kevin, too!

Heidi Smith said...

great pictures! I can't believe you have foliage LOL! It's too cold up here! it's strange to see green leaves this time of year!

Susan Stringfellow said...

wow!!!!! Amazing photos! I want to go there.