Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Beans EVAH!

I've always liked the Louisiana tradition of serving beans on a Monday, a throwback to the days when the Monday was washday, and there was little time to fuss over dinner preparations. (Sounds like a plan to me!) Even though everyday is washday around here, I like having a standard fare on the first night of the workweek (school week), a night when Kevin's homework could be a little heavy. There's not much thought involved with beans...just pick up pickled pork, sausage, and either red or white (great northern) beans and throw it all in the pot of water with onion, Tony Chachere's, garlic powder, and a few bay leaves. It couldn't be easier.

But tonight's beans were special! Brendan offered to grill the sausage, and once those smoky links were added, the aroma from the pot was heavenly. I think he's got a new job on Monday afternoons.

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