Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and New Year's was a busy week. I managed to attend three physical therapy sessions and did a lot of work each time. Flexion has reached 130 and from what I've heard various manufacturer's replacement knees have a limit. I wonder what mine happens to be??? So we are no longer concentrating on the bending part. It's the straightening and strength of my quad that apparently still needs work. So we work.

And just when I'm feeling pretty good, I do too much. We attended a wedding the night before New Year's Eve. On my feet a lot that day, I went to bed with a pretty swollen leg and woke up with it not much better. But I couldn't afford to stay off of it on this day of all days. We had so much to do to prepare for our NYE party that night. First, we made a WalMart run before the crowds got too bad. Arrived home and wanted to just sit back and relax a bit before the real cleanup and food prep began. But no, a new problem. I seemed to have developed a UTI. On NYE of all days, when none of my doctors are in their offices. I had to go to an urgent care center to get a Rx. Sure don't want a raging infection of the urinary tract to compromise my new knee. A week of Ciprofloxacin should do the trick.

Now...back to preparing for our party. Roasts to cook. Table to set. (Thankfully the silver serving pieces had tarnished little over the year and we let go of that chore.) Cleaning house required most of my effort. Vacuum, "swiffer", dust, straighten. By 8 o'clock, and the arrival of our first guests, I was already pretty tired, but still had to cut the roasts and make the gravy! The next three hours were pretty much a blur. The roasts, although a surprise substitution, were a hit. Last year's guests who were making a return visit were expecting Tommy's gumbo. LOL!

We had a nice crowd. Friends and family. Plenty food. Sparklers and fireworks. And a grumpy old maid neighbor threatening to call the sheriff's office. Hahaha. Nothing new. Except by 11:40, after a few of our guests had departed, we agreed that we must be getting old because here it was not yet midnight and we were slowly fading too. I was exhausted. Later, when everyone had gone home, Tommy sent me to bed too, and he did the rest of the cleanup. I couldn't have managed. I hope I can recover sufficiently for physical therapy on Monday.

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