Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Christopher's new home-away-from-home is quite the space! Four guys share a generous kitchen and simply furnished living-dining area, complete with microwave, full size refrigerator, lots of cabinet space-for what, I wonder? And they each have their own bedroom! He's on the ground floor, so no waiting for elevators or hiking up and down stairs. I can't think of a more perfect arrangement.

Also, his dorm is only half a block away from the newest dining hall which operates more like a food court, with areas for various types of cuisine, all included in his dining plan. Choices include Asian, pizza, fruit and salad, pastas, baked potatoes, veggies and meats, drinks and desserts. When eating there during freshmen orientation one evening, the manager came around hawking "FRESH ROLLS, GET YOUR FRESH CINNAMON ROLLS!" We didn't even have to get up from the table. Tray in hand, he was passing them out, hot from the oven, with tongs. Can you say "freshman fifteen"?!

And the campus. Tradition and beauty all mixed up together.

Oh, and then there's football. It's expected that Alabama and LSU are going to be the big SEC contenders, one of which could have a shot at going to the Sugar Bowl, which is the BCS championship this year. Exciting times at Alabama. Roll Tide!


Nancy Thomas said...

Dorm rooms have come a long way, haven't they. I was stuffed into the tiniest little room with a roommate when there was really only room for one person! I really hope he enjoys school.

Susan Stringfellow said...

Wow - impressive dorm! Looks like a beautiful campus. Love the title you used and now make a layout! lol And that boy has room for the freshman 15! :) I hope he has fun and ends up loving school.

nancyburke said...

What a fantastic dorm! Hope he has a great year. :)