Friday, November 4, 2011

Beautiful Views

Walt Disney World is such an explosion of sights and sounds, that it can become overwhelming. So many people. So many attractions. Always rushing from one place to another. Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in. These two pages feature two of my favorite photos, taken when I managed to do just that.

When the crowds could be no thicker down the main drag of the Magic Kingdom, we decided to take a leisurely ride on the train that skirted the perimeter. On the way up to the platform we got a good view of the maddening crowds we were trying to avoid.

This next page features a scene quite divergent from that of Main Street, a serene view of the Expedition Everest namesake "mountain" with prayer flags draped across the vista. This is about as close to the real Mount Everest as I'll ever get!


Susan Stringfellow said...

ok I might have to copy these. Both are amazing photos. Much better than mine and believe it or not, I never took this main street photo. I know, ...sad sad sad. I love the papers you used and your title is fantastic! And I just love the EE page because you found the most perfect papers and embellishments. I really need to scrap that ride. I took so many photos in the queue and seeing it from a distance.

theelfqueen said...

Loving both of these!

Nancy Thomas said...

These are both beautitful Madeline. I love the banners. Your paper layering ability is amazing.