Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be Jealous!

Every year around this time, Louisiana strawberries are in season, and boy are they delicious! Sorry California...yours might be bigger, but these are so juicy, flavorful and sweet. They really are the best! My husband brought this box back from Pontchatoula, home of the Louisiana Strawberry Festival. Yeah, he's the best too. These ripe berries were picked that very morning.

 A couple of years ago I bought a scrapbook paper collection that included strawberries in some of the prints. I hoped to create a layout about all the yummy things we do with these strawberries: delectable in strawberry shortcake, fresh with a sprinkling of sugar, and delicious in smoothies. But every year I get busy washing and preparing them, freezing some for smoothies, etc. and before you know it they're gone. And then I realize I haven't taken a picture of the berries or a single smoothie! This time as soon as these babies entered the house, I got out my camera.

OK kids, now you can eat them.


Ashley Rock said...

Totally jealous!! Those look SO GOOD!!!! Cant wait to see the layout you make with them!

Susan Stringfellow said...

oh YUM!!! I need to check our grocery store to see if they got some in from LA. Often we get local produce and they prefer TX but may have these.

What collection???

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oooooh yummmy!!

Madeline said...

It was either Cosmo Cricket...or October Afternoon. I have those two manufacturers grouped together for some reason! LOL!