Friday, April 27, 2012

Crawfish and Canoe Trips

Today is a photo post. First up are pictures taken on a recent canoe trip though the waterways surrounding Lake Maurepas. The last time the CBS Canoe and Kayak Club paddled in this area, I thought it might be a little chilly on the water and decided to pass. Tommy accompanied Kevin instead, and when they returned, he couldn't say enough great things about the trip! Darn...I could have worn a sweatshirt! 

This time I accompanied Kevin, camera and dry bag in hand.


 We were informed that we'd be taking a different route from the last trip, hoping to make it through some narrowing waterways clear to the lake! Oh yeah, Kevin is ready. We boarded the canoes along the old Highway 51 and paddled under Interstate 55.

Starting off the waterway is deep and wide, surrounded by the most beautiful moss-draped cypress trees. Aren't they gorgeous with their knees sticking up everywhere?

You can see that even in early spring plant life is threatening to choke off the waterways after this year's very mild winter. I hoped we would be able to make it through to the lake!

We spotted a couple of wood duck boxes along the swampy banks. The cone below it is supposed to prevent predators from climbing up, destroying the nest and eating the eggs and/or young!

Lucky us! There were still a few purple irises in bloom. Hmmm...I wonder if that's where LSU got its colors?

And here we are at the entrance to the lake! At one point we didn't think we'd make it. We encountered a downed tree in a particularly narrow part of the waterway, but the outfitter who was guiding the group was able to clear the way for us with a trusty hand saw.

At the lake all the canoes and kayaks (probably a couple dozen) spread out and had lunch. We parked between two cypress knees and enjoyed the peaceful morning, resting up for the paddle back.

I can't wait for our next canoe adventure. Kevin's school has one of the coolest clubs ever!


Here's what I'll be feasting on tonight:


It's the volunteer appreciation party (read: crawfish boil) at Jesuit High School. Even though Christopher graduated last May, I still volunteer at the school. I love the work we do and the people I do it with. Besides, Kevin will be there as an 8th grader in about 16 months. baby in high school?! 


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh wow!! awesome photos!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Great photos!
Sounds like a fun trip!!

Danielle said...

Great photos! And the crawfish look so yummy. We have yet to boil some this season - we better get on it!

Ashley Rock said...

Those are stunning photo's!!! Looks like so much fun! And boy do those crawfish look good!!! I need to take a trip down south!

soapHOUSEmama said...

Those photo are so gorgeous!!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

omgosh Madeline what if you guys encountered alligators or snakes! I would not be comfortable unless someone had a motor boat for safety. It's just gorgeous though and the photos are fantastic - great job! Now please take me with you tonight :) The ones I saw at the store were a bit on the small side or I would have brought home a bag for lunch.

Staci said...

Such stunning, serene photos!

Alyssa said...

Gorgeous photos! That scenery is amazing.