Friday, October 31, 2014

Lake Loot Scrapped

You might remember when I mentioned winning a little radio call-in contest a few months ago, Lake Loot. Just a few weeks later we devoured our winnings, an appetizer and drinks from the sponsoring restaurant. On our way back from vacation, tired and hungry, we stopped to fill up our bellies at The Times Grill and I snapped a few pictures. The photo on the layout below is dark and grainy, but I still wanted to tell the story of that contest. And tell it I did, in several places on my page! (I probably should have confined my journaling to one locale.)

This layout was inspired by Susan Stringfellow's sketch for Scraptastic's September sketch challenge, and all patterned papers, die-cuts, and stamps are from Scraptatic's The Girl kit for September.

With just scraps of patterned paper, I was able to create several pie-chart embellishments. Here's how:
Using my die-cutting machine, I cut circular pie charts from each of five patterned papers and then mixed up the pieces, adhering them in various patterns with cardstock circles as a base. After assembling all three pie charts, I cut two of them into consecutively smaller "pies" and used all three as embellishments on my page.
Pie charts are fun and colorful embellishments, but I don't use them enough! A favorite pie chart page of mine is this overview of my then 12-year old's everyday:

In this case the "pie" isn't only for show. Each segment actually corresponds to the amount of time he spends doing each of the activities in the "key"! I even used a little math to figure out the sizes of each piece of the pie. Ha! See kids, you do use geometry when you're an adult. ;)

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