Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rube Goldberg Silver Bell Delivery System

Have you heard of Rube Goldberg? He was a cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor. His name has become synonymous with overly complex systems that work via chain-reaction to perform otherwise simple tasks! It, in essence, A Rube Goldberg machine makes performing a task a lot more difficult than it should be, but in a fun sort of way! In the 80's movie, PeeWee's Big Adventure, PeeWee's breakfast maker does just that, cooking up a pancake and eggs breakfast via all sorts of linked up contraptions.

There are Rube Goldberg contests at schools and universities across the country, but one of my favorite examples is the massive Rube Goldberg machine in this OK Go video, This Too Shall Pass:

What is really remarkable is that this video is seamlessly filmed, not cut and spliced! 
I wonder how many takes were required to get it so perfect!?

In 6th grade, Kevin's assignment in science class was to create a Rube Goldberg-inspired contraption using at least three different types of simple machines. His contraption begins with five metal marbles spinning, dropping, and rolling into a cup, which is attached to a pulley via a lever. When the cup is heavy enough, it drops, pulling on the string which moves the lever. The lever pushes a baseball off its perch, and the ball rolls down the ramp and bumps into the skateboard, sending it rolling across the room...all to deliver a silver bell! It was really cool, so of course I snapped a picture and I've finally got it scrapped:

Except for the addition of white cardstock for my background, and the mix of chipboard lettering for the Rube Goldberg title, all supplies are from the Scraptastic I Lived kit and add-on, quite possibly my favorite kit to date!

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