Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waiting To Swim

The waiting and waiting used to be so boring. He would swim one event, and then we would have an hour or so with nothing to do. It's not so painful now that we have i-phones. Texting, games, Facebook, email, Instagram, etc. keep both kids AND adults entertained. Here's Kevin, engrossed in a game, waiting to swim again.

Today's page begins with a die-cut background. I used my Cricut to cut five elongated triangles from white cardstock and backed each opening with a different patterned paper, but you could get much the same look by adhering five triangles on top of the cardstock. I opted for the Cricut as it enabled me to play with the width, length, and placement of my triangles before committing anything to paper!

My picture, itself rather colorful, needed a bit of separation from some of the busy papers, so when I adhered it, I tucked in a slightly skewed matt behind it. As you can see, the journaling block doesn't contain any journaling, but was used more as a grounding element, a resting place for flair, stickers, die-cuts.

The green leaf cluster, another product of my Cricut, adds a little something by balancing out the green triangle on the opposite side of the page. I seem to do that a lot. Notice the blue triangle, heavy at the top, is balanced out with the title at the bottom. A bright yellow sticker on the right side of the page accompanies the yellow triangle on the left. It's one of those things that I do automatically, without thought, and it works.

Aside from the white cardstock background, everything on the page is from Scraptastic's I Lived kit and add-on. Can you say colorful?!

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