Friday, May 15, 2015

Purple Rain-Main Kit Only

As the designated photographer of the family, it seems I'm always behind the camera, rarely in front. That means I'm usually missing from many of the scrapbook pages that I create. I'm remedying that situation today by scrapping a selfie, only the second selfie I've ever attempted. And let me tell you, it took several tries to get this one photo. It's not an easy feat!

The page I'm sharing today was created with papers and embellishments from the Purple Rain main kit from Scraptastic. I usually mix up my kit and add-on papers and embellishments immediately. But this time, I made it a point of keeping everything separate and working with only the main kit. Pretty, isn't it?

Just like it's namesake, the beautiful and haunting mega-hit by Prince, Scraptastic's Purple Rain kit is a show-stopper. Who knew teal and purple would be such a stunning combination? And, since this picture was taken at a Mardi Gras parade, it's quite apropos that the predominant colors of three of the papers approximate the traditional colors of New Orleans' carnival season:

Placing my photo half on and half off of the three long strips left the opposite side of the picture  bare and lonely. So I surrounded the left side of my photo with a plethora of die-cuts, tucking here, overlapping there, creating a nice and cozy cluster of prettiness:

Instead of adding a title elsewhere, I took on the words of the die-cut which hangs over the top of the picture, and titled this "Love Life":

Yes, I do, and I'm having fun celebrating it with this gorgeous kit.

Have a great day!

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