Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Make Your Mark

In 7th grade, Kevin took the ACT as part of the Duke Talent Identification Program. In 10th, he took it again, to reacquaint himself with the test, get an idea of where he stands, and figure out which subjects or subtests need more work. This spring or summer, we'll try to fit in a prep class...to nudge that score even higher. Whew...funny that it all comes down to a single test. It's time to Make Your Mark:

A bunch of bright and colorful Bella Blvd. paper scraps were pieced together for this page. I knew that this was also a good opportunity to use that fill-in-the-oval paper, along with a couple of school-themed stickers and chipboard.

Coincidentally, PSAT scores came out yesterday, and he's pretty happy. Gigantic leaps from last year's practice PSAT; I think he surprised himself! He also took another ACT recently, but it will be a while until he gets those scores...an agonizingly long wait. Meanwhile, he wants to sign up for the February test. Geesh, I just think he needs to chill. ;)

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