Monday, November 7, 2016

"MY" Kevin

My niece's oldest boy is so cute! As there is no one close to his age in our extended family, he goes hunting for the next best thing when it's time to find a playmate. Of course he looks up to the teens in the family, and Kevin is one of his favorites. In fact, he's become quite possessive, referring to him as "MY" Kevin, in other words, my friend. :)

Here they are playing in the sand at the beach:

I can't even begin to say where all the "stuff" on this page came from. I just pulled out bits and pieces from here and there and joined them all together. It was great fun.

The mint and pink papers are echoed by a scattering of enamel dots, and the woodgrain-look Thickers match up with the wood veneer nautical pieces. Speaking of which, those boats and anchors must be multiplying. I've certainly used them on several pages over the past few years...and yet, I still have more. Sailing anyone?

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