Friday, April 11, 2014

Mardi Gras Times Two

Scraptastic's Let Me Go kit came shortly after I had photos printed from this season's Mardi Gras parades. How perfect! Included in the kit were papers from Fancy Pants' As You Wish collection, and there couldn't be more beautiful colors to highlight my pictures.

First up is a selfie (yes, I did!), taken just after the Thoth parade. The weather was gorgeous, the crowds were heavy, and we had a great time with a large group of family members. But, the smartest move we made that day was to leave the parade just a teensy bit early and beat the traffic out of there. Tommy and I made a break for it several floats before the end. To further speed things up, Tommy left me alongside the road near the zoo, resplendent with chairs, ice chest, and large bag of beads. Meanwhile he high-tailed it empty-handed to retrieve the car, parked blocks away across the railroad tracks on the Fly. Getting bored waiting, I attempted a selfie. Yep, I got half a head, no head, out of focus, and finally a halfway decent shot. Hee-hee. Here it is:

A few brightly embossed vellum pieces (one using the iphone stamp from a previous Scraptastic stamp set) were tucked in among the postcard, die-cuts, and stickers, embellishing where the patterned paper meets cardstock. An umbrella embellishment, leftover from the page to follow, was glued and stitched in place. In this case it represents the sunny day need for shade and/or the second line celebratory atmosphere of the parade season.

On this next page, umbrellas represent the continuous rain we experienced on Mardi Gras day a week later. That's me and my sister, decked out in orange ponchos, trying desperately to stay dry at the Rex parade.

It was SO cold...and the rain never let up. There were a lot of other "crazy ones" out there, dressed in rain gear and holding umbrellas...thus the five on this page. Here's a closeup:

A stitching template from Amy Tangerine and American Crafts was used to add handles, and glittery gold enamel dots top each umbrella. These were easy to piece and not at all as hard as it looks. Fun stuff!

I hope I don't need umbrella embellishments for next year's Mardi Gras pages. ;)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

totally love these layouts

Tanya Ham said...

So cute!! Love both layouts! And you did great on your selfie!! :)

Nancy Thomas said...

Your selfie looks great Madeline as does the layout. The umbrellas on the second one really tell the story. Two wonderfully creative pages!