Monday, September 26, 2016


Does anyone recall the shark graphic on the old Jaws movie poster? Let me refresh your memory. It depicts a gigantic great white, rising up from the ocean, huge mouth open, baring a set of sharp, pointy teeth. Hmmm...kinda like the paper-pieced shark on the scrapbook page below!

So many of my swim-related scrapbook pages feature photos of my son, my current swimmer. This page, however, features two of his coaches, one of whom happens to be my daughter. These photos were taken at our team's summertime "away" meet. Go Sharks!

I pulled out some older papers and paper scraps for this page, and kept to a near-monochromatic color scheme of blue, white, and black.

Patterned papers in various designs were layered along the bottom of the page, with the shark rising above them. A dictionary-print paper was perfect for the main attraction! A simple banner of baker's twine and triangular flags was strung across the top of the page with my title. The same black and white baker's twine was tied onto the tag that was tucked behind the upper photo.


When Laura ended her long swimming career after a short stint swimming for LSU, I never expected to see her on this side of the blocks! It's great to see her enthusiasm as she shares her love of the sport with the kids that she coaches. In fact, she'll often come home from a swim meet hoarse, after a day of cheering for her team. :)

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