Sunday, September 25, 2016

That was SO cool!

These two!
For hours on end.
They would kick out past the surf and wait, 
and wait, 
and wait, 
and wait,
patiently waiting for that perfect wave.
And then this.

The surf was relatively calm all week during our time at the beach this year, but they found a few waves to carry them in on their boogie boards. 

I remember this one time, many years ago, when they were just learning how to ride their boards, that these two caught the "perfect" wave. Uncle Chris was out past the surf, helping them get situated, telling them when to go for it. And they did. Eventually they rode a nice one all the way into the beach, the two of them, at the same time! All smiles, Jake turns to Kevin as if to say, "That was SO cool!"

It was also pretty cool that I happened to have my camera ready that day. Here's the layout that I created with two photos from their epic ride:

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