Saturday, September 6, 2008

All Eyes on the Tropics

These words are not what I want to hear! Never welcome, but especially not now! We're just beginning to restock the fridge, took a few boards off the windows, and finally have A/C. It can't be happening again.

These past few days have been trying. We returned from our evacuation to a dark, hot and humid house and sat on the porch, forever trying to find a bit of tepid breeze. During the daylight hours, we had chores to keep us busy, refrigerators to empty and yards to rake, but dusk to dawn was miserable. With nothing to do, we set off for a neighborhood coffee shop that had not lost power. There we found the condensation on the glass panes a welcome sight. We sipped iced coffees and teas, plugged in our laptops, and recharged ipods and cell phones, getting more than our money's worth of electricity. Kevin was especially susceptible to the misery of life without electronics. When power was restored at ten minutes to nine on September 4th, we were absolutely giddy! WTG Entergy!

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