Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still No Power

Ick! I haven't showered since we've been back, so I'm contemplating going somewhere to shower tomorrow. We're supposed to limit the amount of water we put into the sewerage system since the power is out at not only residences, but the lift stations that move the wastewater to the treatment plants. We flush only when absolutely necessary and try to put minimal amounts of water down the sink. Tommy washed the pot we cooked dinner in last night in the yard with the hose! Hee-hee!

I was excited to see energy trucks at the pole near our house today! They've been working in the neighborhood for hours though, but nothing yet. It is stifling hot inside. We spent most of the day on the porch, but the mosquitoes would eat us alive if we slept out there. I'm at the coffehouse again enjoying their A/C, a nice cold iced tea, and getting my money's worth in electricity. We have two computers, two phones and two i-pods plugged in recharging! ROFL!

We are all so spoiled. Kevin is definitely not used to entertaining himself without electronics for an entire day! I hope that *I* survive the complaining!

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