Thursday, September 18, 2008

Save Trees...Eliminate Homework

Repost back at 9-18-08 11:55PM

Here they are...first or second day back pics memorialized for all time on a scrapbook page. A T-shirt inspired the title of Kevin's Back2School layout. I'm still laughing at the expression of trepidation on his face.

Brendan surprisingly enough looks happy as he heads out the door! This totally out of character expression is explained in the post below.

These scrapbook pages were done for Lifetime Moments and are featured in the September 18th issue of their weekly newsletter. Each issue is packed full of articles about techniques, how to's, tips, member profiles, product reviews, picks of the week from the member Gallery, contest information, announcements, and updates about the latest products to hit the store! Get LM Style in your email every Thursday! Go to: to subscribe!


Susan Stringfellow said...

Oh that title is just fantastic and the way you did it is even better! I am loving the last first day too, another great title. I need to get you to help me with my titles.

Petunia said...

"Save Trees, Eliminate Homework"
Oh, I LOVE it! Lil Petunia would certainly agree because although she loves school--homework is another animal altogether.
We are definitely coming between Christmas and New Years and hope to be there for the annual New Year's Eve party at your house! I am on call Christmas Eve, so we might have to travel on Christmas day which is actually an easy day to travel although it feels weird.