Tuesday, September 9, 2008


When the entire bottom of the boot evacuates, it's bound to cause a bit of congestion. Highway officials thought they had it figured out. Contraflow. It's a word you won't find in Webster's. But we can dissect it and figure it out! Contra, meaning opposite or against, and flow, meaning to move in a stream or to have a smooth and uninterrupted continuity. Hmmm...that didn't exactly describe OUR experience. Contraflow turned all the lanes of I-55 into a one way escape route, with all lanes heading north, but it certainly wasn't smooth. The logjam of vehicles at the crossover near Brookhaven, had us creeping at no more than 15-20 mph for more than an hour. Those traffic engineers need to put their thinking caps back on and figure out a better way to merge 4 lanes of traffic into two. A trip that would have normally taken three hours took almost nine!

Mississipians were very welcoming:

The cute boy in the back seat was extremely patient, all things considered:

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Petunia said...

NINE hours?? Geez--you could have driven 13 hours and had a vacation at my house!
Thank goodness for Nintendo DS!!