Friday, January 4, 2013

A Baker's Dozen

I proceeded to pick my top twelve for 2012, but it turned into 13, so there you go...a baker's dozen. In no particular order, here are 13 of my favorite layouts of 2012:

Sand & Sun
Prom 09
Sunkist Cousins
The Waiting Game
Waiting 2 Ride
Hello Summer
Oh The Places You'll Go
First Specs

Studio Backlot Tour

A Day In The Life
Delta Sigma Phi House
Tickled Pink

Pick your top twelve (or thirteen) and share. I'd love to see your favorites from the past year.

Funny how each of my three kids and my husband are in the photos. Never the same one mind you, but all six are there. That's nice...but we are a family of seven. Uh-oh, where am I? That's something I'll have to work on for 2013.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow!!!! i totally love all your top picks! i can see why they are your faves!!

Michelle said...

Love them! I haven't seen the Prom one before. So pretty!!!

antenucci said...

What wonderful work u do, everything!

Tammy said...

Love all the color in your layouts! What a fabulous, creative year. Looking forward to more in 2013!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Wonderful projects!
Some of my favorites by you.
Especially that first one :)

Staci said...

Beautiful LOs! I remember your A Day in the Life page and thinking, how cool is that?!

soapHOUSEmama said...

These are all beautiful! LOVE that rainbow one :)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Such a great collection of pages!

Fleursbydesign said...

Great layout, awesome choices :)