Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bye-bye To A Scrapbook Icon

It wasn't exactly unexpected, as they haven't restocked popular products or ordered much in the way of new product for several months now. There's been lots of speculation and now it is confirmed. Two Peas is closing! Official word went out last week (while I was at the beach) and just as fast, the discussion boards were shut down. Word is that the gallery will go away on or around July 10th. Uh-oh!

So...if you are like me, and have quite a few years worth of work in their gallery, you may be interested in this fabulous gallery import tool developed by Scrapbook.com. With your pea number and one click, all your photos, complete with descriptions, original date, and title are uploaded into a new album on Scrapbook.com's website. Awesome sauce!

Spread the word to all your Pea friends before the images are lost forever!

Here's a link to the tool:


(The only thing that would make this better is a tool for uploading my favorites gallery!)

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Tammy said...

That tool is pretty cool. I used it and it was really fast! I wasn't an epic poster at 2Peas but I checked in there just about every day. I am trying out several other message boards to find a new online home.